Tech Village: An Innovative, Sustainable St. Croix


A 26-acre mixed-use economic development project focused on addressing economic diversity, housing, and educational needs in the St. Croix community with innovative additions to our infrastructure. The project will be an integral component of an expansion dedicated to agricultural research and technology. 


  • $40 Million Investment for St. Croix  
  • 125 Construction Jobs
  • Clean Energy Infrastructure
  • Increase in Housing
  • Increase in Office Space
  • Increase in business attraction
  • UVI Hospitality Program Investment
  • Increase in Hotel Rooms
  • 300 Agriculture-Related Jobs
  • Fund for Agricultural Progress
  • UVI Agriculture Commercialization
  • Improved Parking
  • Environmentally Sustainable Design

Innovative Focus on Sustainability

Based on the RTPark's legislative mandate within the Virgin Islands Code Title 17, Chapter 34, § 480, the organization was created to not only spur economic development through the business attraction and development of tech and knowledge-based companies within the U.S. Virgin Islands but also foster the growth and retention of sustainable development/agriculture firms as well. We believe that investing in our agriculture industry is an impactful way of diversifying our economy and making it more resilient to the myriad of threats we all know too well from health and economic crises to natural disasters and climate change. Tech Village approaches all pillars of sustainable development--economic development, social development, and environmental protection--in a thoughtful and strategic way.

Food Security:

Food security is becoming an increasingly urgent concern for the USVI and the Caribbean region. USVI relies on imports for 97% of its food consumption. The development of the local agriculture sector is imperative to boost export earnings capacity and to provide sustainable jobs for many who are economically and socially impacted by the pandemic.

Agriculture Digitalization and Commercialization:

The tech village project is poised to boost food security for Virgin Islanders by transforming the agriculture industry via digitalization and commercialization, and therefore increasing healthy food production and strengthening the local food supply chain to achieve food system resilience and independence.

Overall, the well-encompassed support Tech Village provides is committed to helping USVI reduce its dependence on food imports, scale-up high-quality sustainable food production, build a resilient food supply chain, reduce costs of production, and commercialize and digitalize the industry. The results are improved livelihoods, more efficient resource conservation, increased quality and quantity of food production, and equitable healthy food access for virgin islanders.

Social Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

Farmers will be able to share profits, knowledge, information, and take an equity stake in many programmatic aspects of the project whether it be through the "Fund for Agricultural Progress", revenue sharing initiatives, or collaborating with RTPark clients on site. Farmers will also be included in every step of the decision-making process. We will conduct surveys, focus group interviews, and community engagement regularly to gather feedback, concerns, and address needs. We will make sure that through those efforts, we incorporate farmers’ inputs and listen to their needs consistently and frequently. We are standing by the farmers, and we work with farmers together to meet their demands.

Empowering Young Farmers

The average age of licensed farmers in the USVI is 65 years old. This speaks to the importance of empowering young farmers to contribute to the agriculture industry. Through strategic academic partnerships, the tech village project aims at introducing technology and sustainable farming practices to the community while providing consistent tech education to improve farm proficiency. We can transform the agriculture industry to be technology-intensive, forward-thinking, and as a key sector to drive job creation and economic growth in the territory. 

Embracing Change and a New Horizon

Change is scary, but our community cannot progress without taking risks and embracing change. By incorporating digital technology, new institutional infrastructure, and management practice as an additional resource to our agriculture industry, we can significantly reduce the cost of farming, increase the quality and quantity of the food we produce, and reach more customers through e-commerce. The future and resilience of the agriculture industry lies in digitization and commercialization. We believe that Tech Village can help revitalize and revolutionize the agriculture industry, a sector that our identity, roots, and values are deeply entrenched in.



  • Partnered with Good Food Coalition + Cooperative Extension Service
  • 60% of the site will be dedicated to farming and operations
  • Fund for Agricultural Progress which supports capacity-building and other technical assistance resources to enable USVI farmers
  • Support the creation of a farmers’ cooperative
  • Agriculture initiatives consistent with Title 17
  • Agriculture-related businesses will be housed in the office component and in a new structure now under design
  • Will create 300 jobs and opportunities



  • 60 units
  • 1,2,3-bedroom units
  • Moderate income housing
  • Community garden
  • Target residents = employees of knowledge-based firms, as well as the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI) -affiliated individuals such as faculty, staff, and graduate students
  • Does not exclude greater community

Building a Tech Hub

Office Space 

  • Provide space for tech companies
  • Up to four tenants
  • Currently speaking with interested tenants who all work in the agriculture and sustainable development industry
  • 12,000 square feet
  • A microgrid which can serve multiple parcels and properties

Teaching our Future Tourism Leaders

Hotel shot

  • First new hotel on St. Croix in 20+ years
  • 120 Room - Flagship Business Hotel
  • Supports UVI Hospitality Program
  • Expands Hospitality Job Market
  • 300-person capacity event space

Community Development. Community Benefit.


  • Economic dependency on specific industries, i.e. tourism, government, petroleum
  • Limited options for moderate-income housing in St. Croix
  • Need for training for Territory's jobs  of the future
  • Need for diverse job opportunities and career tracks
  • Needed investment in USVI agriculture industry


  • Economic Diversity and Revenue Generation through technology and sustainable agriculture
  • Housing provides options for the growing middle class working in innovative industries
  • Educational Opportunities to future-proof the Virgin Islands education and career development pipeline
  • Job Creation for tech professionals and for those needing entry-level, lower-skilled work
  • Sustainable Agriculture Development which provides space and resources for research, development, and business expansion

Our Partners

RTPark.    UVI.    VIGF.    NDC.    RENEQ.    Rockefeller.    KRESGE



Press Release Announcement  

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Visual Renderings Overlay on Aerial Footage of Site (Updated (Novemebr 2020)

Visual Renderings of Tech Village (Updated October 2020)

Podcast: Analyze This with Neville James featuring the RTPark Team Discussing the Tech Village Project

Opportunity Zone FAQ

Opportunity Zone Map – U.S. Virgin Islands

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Client Testimonials

Our firm, The RainTree Group, came into the UVI RT Park program in 2018.  We didn't have much experience in the USVI and followed the advice of the wonderful RT Park staff and other RT Park tenants.  The application process was transparent and straightforward.   The simple concept of the Park is mutual benefit - your company gets some tax incentives that allows you to grow your business more quickly and the USVI and UVI gets additional tax base, employment opportunities, and scholarships for deserving students.  The business environment and life in the USVI is slower paces and less stressful as the mainland, and without question the biggest business hurdle is communications, so find an office location where you have investigated the broadband options. Come and join us, you won't regret it!

James Salter, VosCom dba The RainTree Group

In January 2012 my business was underway as a Tech Park entity. It has been a wonderful seven years. The Tech Park has always been supportive, easy to do business with, and is making a positive impact on the islands. The Tech Park organization is professional and efficient. They have created a friendly business environment that has been a pleasure to work within and a great experience overall. I would encourage any eligible entity to consider joining us in the Tech Park.

Louise Stapleton, LNL Publishing

We have been part of the RT-Park program for almost three years now.  The application process was straight forward and we had plenty of dialogue and feedback prior to our approval.  My only regret is we didn’t do this sooner.  It is satisfying  knowing that we are partners with UVI and enabling the education of the next generation .  We also love living in the USVI.  People are warm and welcoming and the pace of life is amazing healthy.  Most days it feels like a working vacation.

Andy Hemmert, President , HRMT, LLC

There are many unique treasures to living here. I’ve discovered a passion for mountain biking. My children have learned to sail. With a small community, you get to know people quickly. We found they went out of their way to make us feel welcome. When considering the move, a top concern was the children’s education. We found a quality school our kids love, with a dedicated faculty. In fairness there is an adjustment period. You learn to navigate island life, master shipping logistics, get to know a new culture, and take in some of the most beautiful ocean views in the world.

David Thompson, Exigo